Student Food (so it begins)

I figure that excessively shopping and cooking during welcome week in order to inundate my teeny-tiny freezer with budget-sized portions of actual real food, may stand me in good stead for the busy term to come.

  1. Mushroom Risotto
    Onion, mushrooms, risotto rice, chicken stock, garlic, wine, parsley, S&P, olive oil, parmesan

    • Sweat chopped onions & garlic in oil
    • Fry sliced mushrooms in butter until brown
    • Season & add to onions and garlic along with rice and parsley
    • Add stock, wine, viciously boil and leave on a low heat for 20 mins
    • Top with cheeeeese (optional) (but highly recommended)
  2. Spicy Sweet Potato Soup
    Garlic, onion, squash/sweet potato, carrots, parsnip if you want, any other root vegetable that takes your fancy, coriander, turmeric, cumin, chilli, S&P, (or lidl curry powder- got to love that student finance life), olive oil

    • Sweat onion, chilli & garlic in all the seasoning
    • Add chopped vegetables
    • Add stock cube and water to cover
    • Boil for 20mins until veg is soft
    • Take out your anger on that veg with a masher (unless you can afford a blender)
    • Stir in good few table spoons of coconut milk
  3. Saag
    Spinach (lots), chicken, onion, garlic, water, tomatoes, olive oil, coriander, turmeric, cumin, S&P, (or any curry powder)

    • Fry chicken in oil or butter and remove
    • Add spinach and water
    • Add tomatoes and chicken
    • Cook for 20mins

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