Best lunch ever

I have stumbled across a Scandinavian tradition of open sandwiches with a huge array of toppings ranging from beef, to apple, stilton and hazelnuts, which sound truly delightful. Especially the Danish ‘Smørrebrød’ which I believe loosely translates to ‘butter bread, in that it has to have a thick layer of butter to support such indulgent toppings. As much as I’d love to experiment with these, eating lunch at home really isn’t an option for me seen as a spend the hours between 12 and 5 most days a week; in a lecture, then on a bus to the science campus, then in 3 hours of labs or tutorials. And I understand that Smørrebrød isn’t something you can really eat on the go. So I have adapted my approach to be more along the lines of ‘really, really, indulgent sandwich’.
That being said- Scandinavian cuisine is something I’d like to take more inspiration from in the future, as a diet of locally sourced seasonal vegetables, lots of nuts & berries, and lots and lots and lots of bread, does sound rather appealing. And not a million miles away from my current diet. I also like ideology that food, along with everything else you do, should be something to enjoy and savour.

  1. Goats cheese, red pepper, tomato, olives, chorizo on ciabatta
    Here I have broken pretty much all the rules of the Smørrebrød, by sandwiching between two slices, substituting a rich, dark, seeded loaf for ciabatta, lightly toasting the bread, and using olive oil instead of butter. So basically it isn’t a Smørrebrød, just a regular sandwich. I like to fill the little lunchbox pockets with extra bits of salad and a combination of dried fruit and nuts, in this case dried pineapple, raisins, cashews and almonds, to snack on around mid morning.
  2. Roast veg salad
    One of my slightly less indulgent but just as tasty lunches involves roasting sweet potato, mushrooms, brussels sprouts, cauliflower and peppers in S&P, paprika and olive oil, then tossing with fresh spinach for a filling lunch. Last week I did the same thing but wrapped in a tortilla wrap.

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