Catching up with some meals I made last semester, and the last few weeks. Semester 2 food also featured an interesting grilled salmon, pineapple, spinach & mushroom risotto with wild rice, and a chickpea, mushroom, spinach, walnuts and white wine “toast topper” – which I forgot to document in photos. You may have guessed I like spinach and mushrooms. Which is why I have decided to branch out this week and experiment with kale. Thankfully the national courgette shortage won’t affect my cooking, because I wouldn’t touch the beasties with a barge pole. Courgettes along with butterbeans, are the only foods I actively despise (thus far, in my culinary adventures).

  1. Sausage, Lentil & Various Veg
    Sausages (nice Lincolnshire ones), lentils, kale, red peppers (I used ones from a jar this time because I struggle to get the right balance of non-mushy but tender with fresh ones), tomatoes, garlic, onion, wine, stock, S&P, paprika, whole grain mustard, olive oil

    • Brown sausages and set aside
    • Sweat onions and garlic
    • Add toms, pepper, season and cook through
    • Add sausages, lentils, stock , wine, kale
    • Boil for around 15mins
  2. Chicken, Bacon &  Lentil Stew
    Olive oil, bacon, chicken, onion, garlic, plain flour, tomato puree, wine, chicken stock, lentils, thyme, mushroom, the usual seasoning suspects

    • Fry & brown bacon and chicken and set aside
    • Sweat onion and garlic
    • Stir in flour, tomato puree & cook while stirring for a few minutes
    • Add wine, stock, lentils, seasoning, boil and simmer for a few mins
    • Stir in mushrooms, bacon and chicken
    • Cook until lentils are tender
  3. Chicken, Apple Stew
    I made two versions of this- the first involving cider, leeks and potatoes and the second without, but with paprika and more parsnips. This one was inspired by Mum’s ‘throw-it-all-in-the-pot chicken allotment stew’.
    Chicken, olive oil, leeks/potatoes/cider parsnips, carrots, chicken stock, apples, seasoning, paprika, onion, garlic

    • Brown chicken & set aside
    • Sweat onion & garlic
    • Add all veg, chopped and cook for a few minutes
    • Add stock, chicken, apples, bring to boil and cook for 30-40 minutes
  4. Chicken and Parsnip, Honey and Mustard Stew
    This one is simple but a personal favourite. Even managed to get Mum to try it out when I went home for Christmas.
    Chicken, garlic, chicken, onion, parsnips, chicken stock, whole grain mustard, honey, parsley, thyme

    • Brown chicken and set aside
    • Sweat onions and garlic until soft
    • Add chicken and parsnips
    • Mix stock with a good few table spoons of honey and whole grain mustard
    • Add, and simmer for about half an hour or until the chicken is tenderKale crisps also featured with this meal in the photo. Simply season and oil some kale, and stick it in a medium heat oven until it’s crispy.
  5. Chicken, coconut, peanut butter, pepper pasta
    I do confess this recipe was invented with the sole intention of using up coconut milk in my fridge left over from the soup. I have since learned it’s a good idea to buy ingredients that will cover pairs of meals, then there’s much less wastage.
    Chicken, peppers, peanut butter, coconut milk, onion, garlic, tomato puree, spring onions, seasoning

    • Brown chicken and set aside
    • Sweat onion & garlic
    • Add pepper and tomato puree and cook through
    • Add coconut milk and peanut butter
    • Add chicken an simmer until chicken is tender
    • Serve with pasta

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