Week 5: Quinoa and Kale

  1. Chicken, Lentil & veg stew
    Chicken breast, cherry tomatoes, kale, red pepper, mushrooms, lentils, garlic, onion, paprika, s & p, stock cube, white wine

    • Brown chicken and set aside
    • Sweat onion & garlic
    • Add veg, chicken & lentils
    • Add everything else, boil, and simmer for 25
  2. Quinoa, Spinach, Pomegranate & toasted seed salad with honey, lemon , vinegar, olive oil dressing

    • Boil quinoa and simmer for 10
    • Toast seeds in oven with oil & salt
    • Mix 5 tbsp Olive oil, white wine vinegar, a couple of tea spoons of lemon juice, honey, wholegrain mustard, s & p
    • Cool, and add pomegranate seeds and toasted seeds
    • Add half the dressing and rest
    • mix with spinach leaves and add the rest of the dressing

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