Cheesy bakes & the Nectarine Catastrophe

OK so it wasn’t really a catastrophe. But more an inconvenience. I couldn’t be bothered to venture the million miles to Lidl last week (unacceptable, I know) so I went to co-op, then tesco, then sainsbury’s and couldn’t find nectarines! Would you believe! So I had to settle for plums in my porridge this week. Which wasn’t the end of the world, but I have a new found appreciation for nectarines. I missed them dearly. Also this week  I splashed out on some kilner jars to make my cupboard look nicer; may as well start collecting to decorate a (hopefully) nicer flat next year – Yes. The crazy-competitive search for an Edinburgh flat has begun –
I also visited the Grassmarket market for the first time today, just ‘window’shopping, but the street food smelled amazing. I’ll have to try it another Saturday. The plantain and mozzarella and pulled chicken burgers looked supreme. It also boasted some awesome looking antique stalls. I still must explore the many pubs and cafes on the Grassmarket. I’ve heard tales of a 500 year old pub.

It’s ‘Festival of Creative Learning’ week (or FoCL, or Ski week) next week at Uni. So I haven’t made a ton of lunches in advance, I’ve just got in some peppers, spinach, goats cheese, pittas, pesto and cherry tomatoes to make some salady stuff during the week.
I’d love to tell you I’ve got a wonderful week of exploring Scotland planned, but I’ve decided to prioritise getting ahead with some work for the weeks to come. Boring I know, I’ll be cosy work space hunting while my friends jet off to Rome and such likes. But I’m looking forward getting on top of the workload, and to strip and rebuild an engine later on!  Very much liking that my course is starting get more technical, it’s really fun.

Anyway enough from me, heres the juicy foodie news:

  1. Superfood porridge: reinvented 
    • Exactly the same as my first superfood porridge but with plums: plums, peanut butter (the nice kind by wholearth), chia, flax, sunflower, sesame, quinoa and pumpkin seed mix, blueberries, sprinkled with cinnamon.
  2. Chicken, veg & mozzarella bake
    This is one of the tastiest (and obviously one of the most calorific) one pots I’ve made. I’m a big fan.
    Sweet potato, shallots, pak choi, basil, chicken thighs, cherry tomatoes, red sundried tomato pesto, mozzarella, grated parmesan (if you own a gold mine) to serve, garlic, S&P, paprika, olive oil

    • Saute the shallots in garlic and olive oil and seasoning
    • Add the chopped sweet potato (I left the skin on after washing- much tastier)
    • Add the pak choi and tomatoes, and stir in a decent amount of red pesto
    • Cook through for a few minutes, and add a touch more oil, seasoning, paprika, and a little water
    • Season and cut the chicken into portions you want to eat it in, then push into the vegetables
    • Oven bake for 20-25 minutes
    • Take out, and top with basil, more pesto, and lots of lurvely mozzarella
    • Back in zee oven for 10-15 minutes (longer/shorter if you want it creamier/crispier)
    • Serve with gold dust
    • (Parmesan)

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