FoCL week supreme salads

So I promised various salady things, and here they are. Also- finally an attempt at a Smørrebrød! Most of these weren’t planned, I just stumbled across wonderful creations with leftovers. They all seem to be Italian themed..


  1. Pita Salad Sandwiches
    Toasted pitas, olive oil, spinach, tomatoes, black olives, roasted red pepper, parma ham, red pesto, parmesan, and either: goat’s cheese, mozzarella or halloumi (or any other cheese you like). Epically indulgent, I know. But 100% worth it, turns out parma ham and parmesan aren’t quite as costly as I first thought.
  2. Smørrebrød attempt
    This is basically the exact same content as the rest of the salads, I just ran out of tomatoes and olives. It’s also all piled on top of rich, heavily buttered wholemeal bread and sprinkled with parmesan, olive oil and seasoning.



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