Turns out you get pretty busy during an engineering degree, so I don’t have much time to cook during the week anymore. However, I like food, very much. So I’m honing the habit of spending my Sundays cooking meals and preparing lunch for the week ahead. Most of my cooking takes place in my modestly sized orange cast iron pot that I’m permanently borrowing from my Mum. I’d love to experiment in ‘growing my own’ and ‘living off the land’, as my parents do with their many allotments (some of the produce featuring in my photos), but I don’t have an allotment at university, so short of getting them to post food parcels to me, the best I can do presently is to try to cook with seasonal vegetables, from Lidl, in my messy student halls kitchen. I maintain that it’s 100% possible to eat really, really nice, healthy, home cooked food, on a student budget of around £20-30pw, which I don’t think its too excessive. Anyway, life’s too short for boring food.

I’ll post the best of my recipes and memorable food experiences, but the recipes will likely lack in quantities and timings. Because who has time for accuracy. Besides, my capacity for doing things accurately is very much exhausted during the week, what with all the engineering.